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Advancements in Bioequivalence & Bioavailability

Harmful Effects of Soft Drinks

Mosab Nouraldein Mohammed Hamad*

Faculty of health sciences, Sudan

*Corresponding author: Mosab Nouraldein Mohammed Hamad, Faculty of health sciences, Sudan

Submission: January 21, 2019;Published: January 25, 2019

DOI: 10.31031/ABB.2019.02.000537

ISSN: 2640-9275
Volume2 Issue3


Soft drink is the most consumable drinks worldwide although of their serious impact on human health, it affects many body systems such as locomotor system, gastrointestinal system, circulatory, central nervous and even reproductive system, simply it affects all the body structures. Diabetes, heart diseases, bones and teeth disorders are frequently induced due to excessive consumption of soft drinks particularly among children and aged persons.

Diseases mentioned above induce a negative impact on the overall economy of countries chiefly least developing countries which require import medications from other countries so they expense much of hard currency on things, that may be avoidable by applying their local resources and introduce natural fruits as juices to their local citizen in a civilized way. Extensive and attractive advertisements of soft drinks companies and inadequate awareness toward its hazardous effects on community health and the national economy encourage more investors to invest their money in soft drinks factories, so the snow ball is being larger than before and hits more and more people and that will draw a black picture to the health status of those people whom stay under the rains of soft drinks.

Renal and heart diseases and dental problems represent a real health problem facing more than 70% of Sudanese people at differ ent age groups and due to complexity of that diseases which require well established hospitals with well-equipped laboratories and modern radiological diagnostic method s which is usually not in all districts of the country and due to the low income of most citizen which prevent them to attain the best diagnostic and therapeutic methods.

Collaboration between policy makers, health practitioners and media will save the soul of a lot of children, young and elder Sudanese from being dead by excessive drinking those harmful slow killer drinks. Nowadays rising of food and drinks prices in Sudan, provide compulsory and passive protection from the harmful effects of soft drinks. Urban people are mostly affected with that bad effects in comparison to the rural people whom usually depend on their local natural drinks and they are enjoy with healthy simple life.

Sudanese local natural local drinks are very healthy, cheap and easy to obtain in comparison to soft drinks which are expensive and harmful. Tabaldi is one of the most common natural drinks especially in the west of Sudan and it protect the circulatory system by controlling the level of cholesterol so it prevent heart diseases which are rarely seen among people in the western of Sudan in comparison to other areas in the country. Karkadi is another Sudanese natural drink which plays an important role in controlling of blood pressure Figure 1.

Figure 1:Karkadi natural Sudanese drink

Using of natural resources usually protect the community from health and economical problems , culturing of community and learning of young students to save and promote their own resources especially fruits and other vegetables and seeds which used as natural drinks will overcome many health disorders and allow them to enjoy with healthy life and pure hearts.

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