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Advancements in Bioequivalence & Bioavailability

Effect of H. pylori Infection on Hematological Parameter among Patient with H. pylori Infection at Atbara City 2017

Submission: September 27, 2018; Published: December 14, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/ABB.2018.02.000534

ISSN : 2640-9275
Volume2 Issue2


H. pylori is one of common infection of human. It is associated with chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, mucosa related tissue lymphoma and gastric cancer. The platelets indices (MPV, PDW and PLCR) used as indicator of systemic inflammation. This is cross sectional study conducted in Atbara city from patient with H. pylori and compared with normal control groups according to selection Criteria. Venous blood (2.5ml) were collected in EDTA containers from (100) patient with H. pylori and (100) subject as normal control groups the platelets indices, neutrophils and lymphocytes were measured using Sysmex KX-21N analyzer. The data was analyzed by SPSS software using Independent test. The result of this study showed that mean SD of H. pylori patient neuterophils, lymphocytes, MPV, PDW and PLCR 55.9, 31.46, 8.9, 10.03 and 17.47 respectively. There was a significant mean difference between MPV, PDW and PLCR (P< 0.05). However, there was insignificant MD between H. pylori0.05 patient and normal control groups for neutrophil and lymphocyte count (p< 0.05). there was association between MPV, PDW and age among H. pylori0.05 patients r2=0.005 however there was negative association between PLCR and age among H. pylori patients r2=0.008. The study concluded that platelets indices in Atbara city from patient with H. pylori and normal control groups There was insignificant neutrophil and lymphocyte count but there as correlation to age in MPV, PDW but not PLCR. .

Keywords: H. pylori infection; Hematological parameters

Abbrevations: TNF: Tumor Necrosis Factor; MPV: Mean Platelet Volume; PDW: Platelet Distribution Width; P-LCR: Platelet Large Cell Ratio; PCT: Platelet-Crit

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