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Advancements in Bioequivalence & Bioavailability

Possible Causes of Prevalence of Vivax Malaria in Northern States, Sudan

Submission: November 19, 2018; Published: November 26, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/ABB.2018.02.000530

ISSN 2640-9275
Volume2 Issue1


Vivax malaria or benign tertian malaria is known type of malaria which is mostly occurring in temperate area, caused by Plasmodium vivax which is transmitted to man when an infected mosquito takes blood meal and then Sporozoites enter blood circulation and after an hour reach the liver hepatocytes, starting exoerythrocytic schizogony, few of sporozoite may develop into hypnozoite which is a dormant stage, that may remain dormant in the liver cells for years. Mature Plasmodium vivax schizont rupture, release merozoite into liver sinusoids, starting erythrocytic cycle.

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