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Archaeology & Anthropology:Open Access

From the Emphasis on Homosexual Human Rights to the Death of Morality

Hamid Sarmadi* and Morteza Badri

Department of Politics and Law, Science and Research Branch Islamic Azad University, Iran

*Corresponding author: Hamid Sarmadi, Department of Politics and Law, Science and Research Branch Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

Submission: May 16, 2018;Published: September 19, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/AAOA.2018.02.000547

ISSN: 2577-1949
Volume2 Issue5


Despite the heavy propaganda of homosexuals and their supporters in generalizing this abusive behavior, most people in the West do not think so, and they consider homosexuality to be contrary to human nature and contrary to the teachings of divine religions. But nevertheless, in most European countries, homosexual marriages have unfortunately become legalized. But this question arises in the general minds of the world, why Western governments support extremist forms of homosexuality in all political, social, cultural and moral fields? How does the political system in the West benefit from the homosexuality of individuals who insist on protecting the institutions that support this abnormal act and trying to normalize and accept this ugly phenomenon in different ways and in different ways? If only the human and human right look at the level of supportive activities is why these people are not seen as those who for any reason go out of the path of balance and human nature and who need help and treatment?

The question of research is that, despite the legality of the phenomenon of homosexuality in some Western countries, where are the roles and chores of human morality and conscience? In other words, what is a gay person’s justification for the violation of human rights and the unethical nature of his actions?

The study believes that by legalizing our homosexuality, we observe the death of morality and humanity and human rights violations to a large extent and the heinous act of homosexuality is completely anti-ethical and inhumane, and that the phenomenon cannot be blamed for its ugliness as legality and human rights organizations must explain the nature and consequences of this inhuman phenomenon and plan the ways to expand this phenomenon.

Keywords: Homosexuality; Human rights; West countries; Mortality


In the past and in human life, there were some things like incestuousness, adultery and homosexuality that were morally indignant, ugly, insulting, and immoral. In the meantime, religions consider these things to be unethical, unethical, and therefore unacceptable from the very beginning, and we believe that the position of religions is equally ethical and protects the rights of the human species. With the advent of modernism and concepts such as democracy, freedom and the right to a new era in human life, and we know this course as a periodic right. The excessive emphasis on the right wing of the authoritarian and monolithic system of the past political and religious systems in its intensification. Has created the ground for abusing the concept of right in the law.

One of these is the issue of homosexuality that liberals are generally clear about and even incorrect in judging. And by justifying the infinite salaries of humans, any action from humans would accept even immoral things like homosexuality. Because they surrender to the concept of maximal and infallible humanism and rightlaw. But ethics and religions are opposed to the legalization of these inhuman and immaterial matters in the concept of the right. And wherever the law and ethics are different, they will have the right to morality, otherwise we will sign the death of morality and humanity [1]. Homosexuals in the West are trying to make their moral abusive behavior a movement. They consider opposition to homosexuality as retardation and discrimination against homosexuals, and they are synonymous with intellectual support for homosexuality. These homosexual propaganda shadowed the atmosphere of Western societies, which even the Catholic Church has a conservative attitude towards the legalization of homosexual marriages in Western countries. Three years ago, Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic world, called for the opening of church doors to homosexuals in a statement contrary to Christianity [2].

The Catholic Leader of the World, in an unprecedented interview published in 16 Christian magazines, said that the church was obliged to open up itself to homosexuals: “The church should not condemn these people.” The Vatican’s pope stipulates “If he is a homosexual, but he tries to attract God’s satisfaction, why should I oppose him?” “The leader of the Catholic world in response to the spread of homosexuality, one of the largest moral anomalies in the West, also dismissed the fundamental principles of Christianity, and so vaguely sealed its legitimacy. According to the teachings of Christianity, homosexuality is a sinful act. All major Christian sects have such a position. “The homosexual acts are contrary to the law of nature and cannot be accepted in any way,” the Catholic Church of Rome states. The view of the Orthodox Church is equally explicit: “The Orthodox Church strongly respects the position of those Christians who practice homosexuality. Defending and guilty. “The position of Protestant churches, such as the Evangelicals and the Baptist (or baptismal), is also quite clear. For example, the evangelical belief in the Church says: “Homosexuality is against God’s will for God ... homosexual acts are guilty.”

The churches of the Congregation of the Rabbani, also the fourth largest Christian denomination in the world, believe that “homosexuality is a sin against God and toward mankind.” Although the Anglican Church in the West has somehow adapted to this subject, the general view of the Anglican Church Still, “This church denies homosexuality as contrary to the Bible.” Such a position is not only the official point of view of all major sects of Christianity, but also the church’s position throughout history. The fathers of the church have condemned all homosexuality. “The homosexuality violates the law of nature, more than any other sexual sin,” said Tritualian of the great Christian leaders at the end of the second and early third centuries. “Thomas Aquinas, the great medieval saints, Evil, animal and brutal evil “. Prominent reformist protestors such as Luther, Calvin and Zwingling have all spoken in condemnation of homosexuality, and prominent voters such as John Wesley, George Whitfield, Moody, and Bill Graham have taken the same stance. The church continuously had such a viewpoint for 2000 years [3].

The prophets came to mankind to save mankind from ignorance and bring man to great moral perfections. The mission of Christ was from the great divine prophets in the same direction. Christ appeared to save the darkened people and ignorant people of Israel from darkness and deviation. Prophets and scholars of religion are the moral prophets, spirituality and evasion of sin. The foundation of human societies is based on the family. Khavat is a man and woman who are married to each religion according to the rules of the law and accept the obligations of each other and live together. The philosophy and truth of marriage in terms of Islam is in three stages of completion, relief and reproduction. Completion means that no human being alone is perfect and continuously strives to offset his deficiency. Young is in the pursuit of intellectual autonomy and supplying his instincts. In order to compensate for the deficiencies and to satisfy their many needs, they are driven to marriage and, by choosing a suitable and deserving homosexuality, provides their own growth and development. Therefore, marriage can be considered a source of human development and perfection.

In fact, God created man in a way that is incomplete without the opposite sex and becomes complete with the opposite sex. A man needs a woman and a woman to a man. Each of the two sexes is psychologically and physically interdependent, and they are completing each other with each other. The second effect of marriage is relief. The most important requirement for marriage is the need for calm and a sense of security and comfort. This need, which is rooted in the nature of man, is so important that God says in the Qur’anic verse 21 of the Sura of Allah in expressing the marriage philosophy: “And from his signs that you have created for you spouses of your own selves to comfort you and Have mercy on you; these are signs for a group who are thinking! [3]. The third position of the role of marriage between men and women in human society is reproduction. One of the great fruits of marriage is the existence of a child and the survival of the human race. Production and reproduction of the generation should not be considered small and trivial. For the purpose of creating the universe is the existence of man and his cultivation and evolution. Marriage is the pursuit of a proper, rational and innocent path. Certainly, by marrying two homosexuals, not only will none of these goals be achieved, but on the contrary, it will harm those ends. In general, the same kind of play, the action is contrary to nature, and it does not have any effect on nature. The degradation of the family home and the moral and social crisis, and the undervalue of the moral and social values in Western societies, have the least devastating impact on the spread of homosexuality in the West and the secrecy of this ugly and contrary to human nature.

The reference to the above is not an excuse to critique all the achievements of civilization and modernism, especially the West and Christianity. Which has a fortnight in the manifestations of technology, democracy, and freedom and justice in the West. It was also pointed out that religions, especially the great religion of Christian and Islam, also clearly oppose reconciliation and regard it as human rights and human rights. But the excessive reliance on Western democracy is on humanism and the right to know all human demands and to abandon the human and moral commands of the religions of humanity in the moral fall and the death of morality and humanity. Today, the extreme emphasis of the human person on the right to know all human desires has provided the way for the perception of morality and, according to Francis Fukuyama, the crisis of spirituality in the West [4].


Human rights organizations are specifically responsible for explaining the implications and consequences of such a dangerous and dangerous phenomenon within the framework of human rights. Islam believes that the best judge of every human being is to refer to his clear conscience, which God bestow on every human being.

We think the homosexual minority is unjust and lacking rights. And the basis of this view, in addition to the explicit emphasis of religions, is the violation of human conscience and ethics. Because we believe that if the law violates morality, then the law must definitely change. This is important for all acts and practices under the socalled human rights law, including slavery, violence against women, child labor, polygamy, and circumcision.

By believing ethics and humanity based on human conscience, this research believes that the only guarantor of the protection of human rights at all levels is the illegal, inhuman and immoral manners of knowing this legitimate phenomenon among humanity. By avoiding the ethical teachings of the human religions, it will be the disaster of the crisis of meaning and the death of morality that such an ugly and hideous atmosphere will not be possible for any human being.


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