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Archaeology & Anthropology: Open Access

Ether - Matter Transitions in the Universe

Dénes JOÓ*

Architect-Urbanist, Systemic Evolutions Independent Researcher, Hungary

*Corresponding author: Dénes JOÓ, Architect-Urbanist, Systemic Evolutions and Pyramids Independent Researcher, Hungary

Submission: May 25, 2018;Published: May 30, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/AAOA.2018.02.000530

ISSN: 2577-1949
Volume2 Issue1


Etheron; Gluon; Quark; Bion; Successive resonance/unification; Hidden mass/energy


The whole periodic system elaborated in my earlier work [1,2] begins with the Etheron, gluon and quark, before the hydrogen and helium, and ends with the element No. 558, contrary to the element No. 118 in the-by the IUPAC-official recognized periodic system, which only the fourth step is, or middle note of the Big Cosmic Octave. First of all, what we know about these pre-elements, respectively about the transition element from the Etheric to the Material World? In the classical work [3] there are determined the main characteristics of the ETHERON, as follow: mass mE=1.3494x10-69kg, radius rE=1.616x10-35m, cross section =10-70m2 for both, COSMIC, respectively nucleonic Etherons, and total number 7.4x10121 // 1.24x1042, Etheron density 8x1042//3.1x1086m-3, free path 1.3x1026//2x10-17m, inter-etheronic distance 2.77x10- 15//7.4x10-30m, different from one another. The number of Etherons inside an electron is about 6.7x1038.

Inside the pondero-vibratory” analysis [4] there are two kind energy-equivalencies: E=mc2 and E=vh, gratify and vibratory mass or weight, similarly to the cosmic/free and nucleonic+electronic bounded Etherons. Extending this method from the atomicmolecular resonance to the ethero-gluono-quark successive resonance, the complex resultant of this three-interactional quaternion system [5,6] will have a BIONIC character. Inside a spherical model this is a resultant radius of the three one another perpendicular etheric, gluonic and quark radii with one, two and three fold resonances, but in my conic-toroidal model [7] it is the spiral axis of the conic-toroidal vortex, its axial projection being a minimal possible circle with Planck-radius (the Etheron-radius). So, the bionic axis of the conic-toroidal universe is in fact a life-spiral, in form of braid with the mentioned three massive components together, the correspondent particle being the BION, in form of bubbles, with the interior imaginary component as hidden part of the total mass/energy of the Universe.

In this context, the elementary particles are superior harmonycs of the fundamental tone Etheron. Based on the hypothesis that the gluon, quark and bion are 2-3-respectively 5- fold resonances of the ETHERON [5,6], result their characteristic masses as follow: gluon mG=2.6988x10-69kg; quark mQ=4.048x10-69kg; bion mB=6.747x10- 69kg (mentioning the cosmic octavic massive difference of these particles). The resonant transitions from the Ether to matter [8] include chaotic phases too [7], with some mass-transformation in bounding energy [9]. In conformity with the mathematical numerical system, hyper-real, real, complex and hyper-complex (quaternion, octonionic and sedenionic) materials exist. The Whole Periodic System itself [1] was elaborated as a quaternionic system, beyond the energy with introduction of the notions of di-energy and tri-energy, extending it in the octonionic and sedenionic direction, in correlation with the dimensional states[1/5], the nano-materials tending to the higher, respectively the mono-materials to the lower dimensions. In other approach the Etherons are single helical strings in form of Full erne-like nano-tubes, evolving through successive unifications, in conformity with the formal equation U(1)xSU(2) xSU(3)=SU(5), resulting the superstrings in form of gluons as double helical-,quarks as triple helical-, and bions as quintal helical Etheron braids, similarly to the evolution of the helical structural complexity in the Biology [5/G1].

The re-introduction of the ether and Etheron in the Physical/ Material world implies the introduction of the notion of (hyper-) complex materials, of which particles are the bions, with the real components in form of HIGGS-BOSONS, respectively imaginary components in form of TACHYONS [10] as dark matter or ENERGY within the bubbles included imaginary mass. These particles are signed in [1] with the symbols * and O (illustrations nr. 1, 3 and 3). The higgs-boson, with a mass mH=2.2448x10-29kg, is 1.6635x1040 times greater than them E=1.3494x10-69kg mass of the Etheron. This cosmic ratio was re-marquees by Dirac for action, pressure, time, energy, temperature, space, velocity, charge and other characteristics too, between the limit-values of the subatomic and galactic levels. So, the same quotient is present between the limitvalues of the etheric and subatomic level, respectively of the upper Cosmic Big Octave Galaxy-Universe. In this context, it is interresant the cosmic ratio 1.2305x1042 too, reporting the Etheron mass mE to the atomic mass mu=1.6605x10-27kg. From this difference result the mg=4.0723x1011/2.0445x1015kg differences for Our Galaxy, respectively mU=6.7744x1051/2.5158x1057 kg for our Universe. This difference raise the question of the fractal structure of the Universe, but otherwise the Einstein-formula E=mc2 is not complete.

The complete equivalence formula is E=m(nc)2, with n real number. So, the tachyons with sup aluminous velocities (n>1) hold enormous energies, while the TARDYONS with infraluminous velocities (n<1) hold less energies than in the Einstein-formula, which is available only in the case of the LIGHT (n=1), as a torusmembrane between the above two Worlds. The continuous successive creation and distribution of the matter from the Ether in our Universe [4] is correlated with the chemical structuring of the elements, but this is only an insignificant part of the total matter, which is organized according to the mathematical structuring system based on the powers of the 2, consisted of hyper-real, real, complex and hyper-complex (quaternio, octonio, sedenio, 32-nio, 64-nio) numbers. The hyper-real matter refers to the Ether, while the complex and hyper-complex ones refer to the dark matter, with real+imaginary components. In this vision, the whole material structure of our universe is presented in the annexed picture and [Figure 1]. The numbers 1-7 are light-borders between the material worlds, with successive inclusion one in another, similarly to the Matriuschka-dollies, or to the onionskins. This decomposition of the ether (cosmic light) in matter-spectrum is similar to the Newton’s one in the light-spectrum. From the division of these 7 numbers with 21, the mean of the complex components, results the proportion of every layer of the matter-spectrum, namely the decomposition of the darkness/heavens.

Figure 1: The whole material structure of our universe.

Addition 1

The above presented MATTER-DISTRIBUTION in the Universe is considered in a spherical model, but this is only a borderline evolutionary case, the general process follows a CONIC-TOROIDAL MODEL [6/E2]. In this approach, the imaginary section of the Universe (2) refers to a horn-torus series, as an expression of the Expanding Universe. Considering the Observable Universe (REAL MATTER-4.7619%) a sphere with a radius of R=l .3x1026m, respectively with a volume V=9.3x1078m3 [2], results a cosmic Etheron density of N/V=8x1042/m3 . So, in the case of the same radius, the volume-ratio Torus/Sphere results VT/Vs =9.4248 (=3π), respectively the surface-ratio AT/AS =6.2829 (=2π), consequently the cosmic etheron density will be 9-times smaller, respectively the surface/light-membrane 6-times greater, by the torus. Because the space dread of emptiness, with successive radial/diametral doubling of the sphere takes place a globally increasing mattercreation mechanism, alternating the including/outer and included/ inner relations of the sphere and torus each another [3].

So, the PULSATING UNIVERSE is functioning as an ETHER-PUMP, the transition from the ETHER to MATTER continuing through the 7 matter-kinds from the real to the complex and hypercomplex forms, in 13 oscillating steps (similarly to the pentatonic and diatonic musical scales), following an increasing logistical curveseries, with multiplier factors 3π=9.4247-times volumetric and 2π=6.2829-times superficially(Tables 1,2)and with intercalated decreasing of 8/3π=0.8488-times volumetric, respectively 2/ π=0.6366-times superficially. Consequently, the Hubble-”constant” follows this oscillation, it is a “folding constant”, similarly to the space-spacetime-time folding, explainable in the mathematical catastrophe-theory, between others as the hyperbolic, elliptic and parabolic umbilici catastrophes. In this quite new vision are explainable the above mentioned sup aluminous velocities too, which follow the expanding factor(Figure 2). So, it’s possible a revision of the “Lightyear” notion (Ly) of 9.46x10 15 m available in the visible material world (1.3742x1010 Ly in R=1.3x1026m) for the invisible material worlds, with successive doubling of the light-speed c-299792458m/s [2]. In this way, the small logistical steps will have a whole covering logistical curve, namely the small explosion-implosion series will form a “folding” oscillating, pulsating octavic explosion-implosion of the Universe, by no means a “Big Bang”! These evolutionary steps are correlated with the dimensional evolution of the Universe. In the conic-toroidal model [6] it’s explained the 5 dimensional (5D) phase formed by the elementary cone and the first torus-both with 3-3 dimensions, but one of them (the central axial) being common in which the tensor equation system of the Theory of Relativity is interpretable. The dimensions of the next tori light borders/membranes (see the membrane-theory) between the hidden material worlds follow the Golden-series, respectively 8D-13D (called Hilbert-space too)-21 D-34D-55D-89D, but the number of the intermediate dimensions follows the Apocalyptic series 1-2-4-7-12-20-33 (4D, 6D+7D, 9D+12D, 14D+20D, 22D+33D, 35D+54D, 56D+88D). The ID (Linear World), 2D (Flat World) and 3D World are included in the Real Material World bordered by the first Light-Membrane [1- 3]. Inside the universal interaction, as action exists only together with interaction, so explosion doesn’t exist without implosion. This means a logistical and not exponential cosmic evolution as whole, the exponential phase being only from the start to the inflection point of the logistical curve [1,7], consequently the collapse will never be followed by singularity, it is a new start-phase, leading to the higher astral-mental-causal-buddhicsup aluminous levels of the existence/vibration domains [1-5].

Figure 2: : Toroidal structure of the expanding universe.

Table 1: : Toroidal structure of the expanding universe.

Table 2: : Toroidal structure of the expanding universe.


The re-introduction of the ETHER in the Physical/Material World is leading to a revolutionary transformation of the human knowledge. The terrestrial humankind arrived in such evolutionary phases, which demandfor the re-integration in the larger cosmic evolution a sudden extension in getting acquainted with our micro and macro-cosmic surroundings. For the sake of this cause it’s indispensable the synergic treatment of the accumulated knowledge, without any border between the scientific disciplines, and a fundamental change in the human mentality (Figure 3), between others in the science, of which part can be the Systemic Evolutions Research, as result of the 20th century’s two leading theories’ The Mathematical Systems Theory and Bertalanffy’s Theory of Evolution synthesis. The unforeseen surprising result of this research it’s the discovery of the BION, “particle” (waveconcentration) of the LIVING MATTER, as the basic component of OUR LIVING UNIVERSE.

Figure 3: : : Spherical-Toroidal dual cosmic evolution


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© 2018 Dénes JOÓ. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and build upon your work non-commercially.