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Archaeology & Anthropology: Open Access

Beyond the Archaeology of Despair in Afghanistan

  • Open or CloseDavid C Thomas*

    Department of Archaeology and History, Australia

    *Corresponding author: David C Thomas, Honorary Research Associate, Department of Archaeology and History, Australia

Submission: June 19, 2019; Published: June 24, 2019

DOI: 10.31031/AAOA.2019.03.000580

ISSN: 2580-1949
Volume3 Issue2


Not much good news has come out of Afghanistan since the Soviet invasion in 1979. In addition to the vicious conflicts, humanitarian crises, diaspora, explosion in drug cultivation, use and trafficking, and the associated corruption, Afghanistan’s rich archaeological and cultural heritage has been devastated. Remarkable Greco-Bactrian cities such as Aï Khanoum have been systematically looted on an industrial scale, while the Buddhas of Bamiyan were blown up by the Taliban in 2001. Even Kabul Museum was caught in the crossfire between rival militia and then ransacked by looters and iconoclasts.

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