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Archaeology & Anthropology: Open Access

Literary Role of Local Poets & Writers of Muzaffargarh District

Submission: August 08, 2018; Published: October 31, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/AAOA.2018.03.000570

ISSN: 2577-1949
Volume3 Issue1


Literature has great influence on the socio cultural life of the people in any civilized society. It changed the condition of the people as the poetry of W.W Worth and the magnificent literary work of Rousseau inspired the people of France. In same contents Muzaffargarh is a small region of Pakistan but its land is fertile for literature. Several local poets and writers have great value due their glorious literary work. Their efforts and positive contribution played an important role during the freedom movement as well as to awaken the people against colonial and feudal system in India and then in Pakistan. The poetry and writings of these intellectuals have great impact on the society of Muzaffargarh District and this paper highlights some famous local poet and writers of Muzaffargarh District of Pakistan.

Keywords: Poet; Intellectual; Education; Punjab; Muzaffargarh

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