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Archaeology & Anthropology: Open Access

Sewage Work and Occupational Health Hazards: An Anthropological Insight

  • Open or Close Ajeet Jaiswal*

    Department of Anthropology, Pondicherry University, India

    *Corresponding author: Ajeet Jaiswal, Assistant Professors, Department of Anthropology, Pondicherry University, Puducherry, India

Submission: Feb 09, 2018; Published: July 17, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/AAOA.2018.02.000538

ISSN: 2577-1949
Volume2 Issue3


Occupational health has gradually developed from a mono-disciplinary, risk- oriented activity to a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive approach that considers an individual’s physical, mental and social well-being, general health and personal development. The present article aimed at highlighting the anthropological insight on the occupational health hazards among the Sewage works of India. Nodoubt Occupational health aimed at the protection and promotion of the health of workers by preventing and controlling occupational diseases and accidents and by eliminating occupational factors and conditions hazardous to health and safety at work but still apart from the social atrocities, these sewage workers are also exposed to many occupational health hazards like exposure to harmful gases, drowning, musculo skeletal disorders, infections, skin problems, respiratory system problem and cardiovascular degeneration.

Present article also discuss about management of toxic Gases that came from sewages and have direct effect on the health of the sewage workers like Hydrogen sulfide, Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas, Ammonia Gas, Carbon Dioxide, Methane Gas and also represent the important safety measures and safety guide for men working in sewers like Safety is first, statutory provisions for safety, safety equipment, breathing apparatus, air house respirator, portable lighting equipment, non sparking Tools, portable air blowers, safety belt, inhalators, and diver’s suit along with this article also tries to explain about selection of sewer workers, Training and Prerequisite

Keywords: Health; Occupation; Hazards; Sewage worker; Toxic gases; Safety

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