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Examines in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Tackling Childhood Obesity in Hong Kong

  • Open or Close Angie Ho Yan Lam*

    Lecturer, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

    *Corresponding author: Angie Ho Yan Lam, Lecturer, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Submission: September 15, 2017; Published: November 13, 2017

DOI: 10.31031/EPMR.2017.01.000502

ISSN 2637-7934
Volume1 Issue1


Childhood overweight and obesity is one of the major problems in Hong Kong. Overweight and obese children have a high risk of developing chronic diseases and psychological impacts. The determinants to children obesity in the Chinese context include Chinese traditional culture, parenting knowledge and practice, sedentary lifestyle and high academic attainment. Conceptual framework is formulated to guide the idea of Family-School Partnership intervention in Hong Kong Context.

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