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COJ Biomedical Science & Research

Diagnosing and Treatment of Osteoarthritis in a Parkinson’s Disease Patient

  • Open or CloseTalukdar D

    Department of Medical Research, Dominica

    *Corresponding author: Talukdar D, Department of Medical Research, Dominica

Submission: November 18, 2020; Published: March 11, 2021

Volume1 Issue5
March 2021


A 46-year-old woman with a past medical history of Parkinson’s Disease reports pain in her left knee while walking at home. It involved a gradual onset over the past couple of months due to limitations in her movement. She requires assistance to perform her day-to-day activities. She wears a postural support belt to straighten her spine and walks in a hunched back position. She complains about stiffness in joints and pain in her left knee while walking. She takes Vitamin D3 with Calcium tablets to strengthen her bones. She is not obese but complains of a past knee injury wherein she fell and slipped accidentally 10 years ago. She has no prior history of knee surgery. The patient also complains about a grating sensation while walking using the affected knee joint. How should the patient be diagnosed and treated for her left knee pain which is limiting her movements?

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