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COJ Biomedical Science & Research

COVID-19: Success Depends on Medical Concepts, Not Political Views

Submission: October 19, 2020; Published: December 01, 2020

Volume1 Issue3
December 2020


The appearance of the current COVID-19 pandemic has not only significantly changed the usual rhythm and conditions of our life, but also came as a direct surprise to many, causing a sense of anxiety and insecurity. As the new situation developed and its consequences accumulated, long-standing problems that had previously gone unnoticed or unimportant for many were increasingly identified. And if a year ago the discussion of these issues was not perceived properly in the medical community, today the situation itself dictates the need for such an analysis. Moreover, the pandemic has come as a complete surprise to the vast majority of specialists, depriving them of their usual treatment regimens, and the current offers and efforts of medical care are symptomatic and do not affect the overall results.

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