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The Influence of Different Molecular Weights of Polyethylene Glycol (Peg) to the Formation of the Aqueous Two-Phase System Peg-Natrium Salt of Citric Acid-Water

Submission: September 22, 2020; Published: November 17, 2020

Volume1 Issue3
November 2020


In presented work physico-chemical properties of PEG-C6O7H5Na3-H2O two-phase systems were studied. Building the binodal curve of this system and define the tendency angle of connecting line. Given the binodal curve of Mn=1500,3000,6000 of PEG with natrium citric acid aqueous solution the two-phase system in Decart coordinates, and connecting line, at the same time also given the equation of connecting line which defined by the method of least squares. With the influence of molecular weight of PEG to the system, obtained the binodal curve is slipped to beginning of coordinate at the low concentrations, two-phase systems are occurred with low concentration of components which formed phases. The results show that, with increasing of molecular weight of polyethylene glycol the binodal curve is splinted to beginning of coordinate, in other words, the separation of phases process occur at low concentration of polymers which formed phases.

Keywords: Aqueous two-phase systems; Binodal curve; Natrium salt of citric acid; Polyethylene glycol; Tendency angel

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