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Effectiveness Of 10% Dextrose Solution for Acute Muscle Injury: Histology Study in Animal

Submission: March 12, 2020; Published: March 17, 2020

Volume1 Issue1
March 2020


Background: Muscle injury can be acute or repetitive. It can cause decrease muscle powers. Nowadays, treatment for acute muscle injury is developing rapidly, to shorter time of recovery. We need one modality that effective to fasten muscle healing. Dextrose have proliferant effect by promote growth factor in 12-lipoxygenase pathway. Dextrose 10% have proliferant effect without increase inflammation.

Objective: By using dextrose 10% injection intralesion were hoped fasten muscle healing process in acute muscle injury.

Method: This is experimental comparative research, was done on 20 rabbits that divided into two groups. After All of subject got muscle injury grade 2, The first group was administered with NaCl 0.9% as control, the second group with 10% dextrose injection intralesion. After one week, the subjects were sacrificed, and their gastrocnemius muscle were examined in pathology anatomy laboratory to see the level of myoblast.

Result: There was increased level of myoblast in dextrose 10% group than control. In conclusion, usage 10% dextrose solution fasten muscle healing process in muscle injury grade 2.

Keywords: Dextrose 10%; Muscle injury; Myoblast; Muscle healing; Prolotherapy

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