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Covid-2019, Age and Human Body Conductivity

  • Open or CloseAbyt Ibraimov*

    Laboratory of Human Genetics, Kyrgyzstan

    *Corresponding author:Abyt Ibraimov, Laboratory of Human Genetics, Kyrgyzstan

Submission: March 10, 2020; Published: March 17, 2020

Volume1 Issue1
March 2020


Covid 2019 epidemic data in the world is changing daily. For example, by the beginning of March, the outbreak in 2019-2020 has caused at least 107,351 confirmed infections and 3,646 deaths. In those under the age of 50 the risk of death is less than 0.5% while in those over the age of 70 it is more than 8%. No deaths had occurred under the age of 10 as of 26 February 2020. This trend is still prevailing around the world. This circumstance prompted us to pay attention to the possible role of another factor that could affect to the vulnerability, and the severity of the clinical course of Covid-2019. By this factor, we mean some features of the body of the elderly. It seems highly probable to us that one of the reasons why individuals over the age of 70 have a more severe clinical course and high risk of death from Covid-19 is the physical characteristics of their bodies, namely the level of their thermal conductivity. Since this constitutional feature of the human body has a hereditary nature and is still little known to clinicians, it was considered necessary to give very short information. We are talking about the features of thermoregulation of the human body, depending on his age.

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