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Synesthesia as a Quantum Process in the Arrangement Biological Man

  • Open or CloseAdam Adamski*

    Faculty of Ethnology and Educational Science, Poland

    *Corresponding author: Adam Adamski, Faculty of Ethnology and Educational Science, Poland

Submission: March 04, 2020; Published: March 13, 2020

Volume1 Issue1
March 2020


The human biological system not only cares for chemical electrons, but also for electrons flowing from semi-conductive structures, as well as photons, phonons, electric, electromagnetic, gravitational, soliton and spin fields. Life not only flared with light but spoke with quantum molecular speech. The brain as a biological computer, unlike a mathematical machine that is a product of technology, does not need outside software, because it has its own software built into the cell, so in biology it is impossible to separate structure from function. The electronic interpretation of the living system turns out to be extremely inspiring, it allows you to take into account the fact that the organs receiving information from the environment are not only sensory receptors, perceptive and motor systems, but also the entire biological mass of the body in which biocomputers needed to simulate information and its use for functioning of mental processes and for adaptation to the environment in which a given individual lives.

Keywords:Synesthesia; Consciousness; Bioplasma; Solitons; Quantum biocomputer; Bose-Einstein condensate

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