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Biodiversity Online J

Cork Oak Forests, Sustainable Forestry

  • Ramón SB*

    The Instituto del Corcho, la Madera y el Carbón Vegetal, Spain

    *Corresponding author:Ramón Santiago Beltrán, Subericulture technician at the Instituto del Corcho, la Madera y el Carbón Vegetal-CICYTEX, Spain

Submission: June 07, 2022; Published: June 28, 2022


This article gives a succinct description of cork oak and cork: it discusses their biodiversity, origin and gives some data on surface areas and cork production in the world. The key issues for maintaining these ecosystems are detailed. It concludes with the benefits of using cork and continuing to manage cork oak forests sustainably.

Keywords:Quercus Suber; Cork Oak; Cork; Forest Management; Sustainably; Responsible Consumption

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