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Biodiversity Online J

Thermo-Mineral Springs, Old and Unique Aquatic Ecosystems to Survey and Preserve

  • Open or CloseAude Beauger1,2*, Lory-Anne Baker2,3, Carlos E Wetzel4, Luc Ector4 and David Biron2,3

    1GEOLAB, Clermont Auvergne University, France

    2LTSER “Zone Atelier Uraniferous Territories”, France

    3Laboratory “Microorganisms: Genome and Environment” (LMGE), University Clermont-Auvergne, France

    4Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), Environmental Research and Innovation, Luxembourg

    *Corresponding author:Aude Beauger, GEOLAB, Clermont Auvergne University, CNRS, France

Submission: March 15, 2021; Published: June 11, 2021


Thermo-mineral springs are particular ecosystems that are present all over the world. However, they are largely disregarded by monitoring programs. They present a wide variety of physical and chemical properties of waters leading to a wide spectrum of interesting habitats available for the development of diatoms, such as new species recently described, that could be considered as endemic for some of them. During a survey performed in the French Massif Central, diatoms were sampled in different springs. Some of these emergences are natural, while others are Man-made springs. Significant differences are observed between species richness of these two types of springs. The natural springs tend to present higher richness than Man-made ones. This highlight the importance of restoring thermo-mineral springs and to suppress constructions done around the emergence when use is not on-going anymore. This would allows the reestablishment of these aquatic habits, favouring the development of unique diatom species.

Keywords: Thermo-mineral springs; Diatoms; Species richness; Restoration; Protection

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