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Significances of Bioengineering & Biosciences

The Effect of Medial Hamstring Weakness on Soft Tissue Loads during Running

  • Open or Close Anne Schmitz*

    Department of Mechanical Engineering, Gannon University, USA

    *Corresponding author: Anne Schmitz, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Gannon University, 109 University Square, Erie, PA 16541, USA, Tel: (814) 871-5799, Email:

Submission: February 08, 2018;Published: February 23, 2018

ISSN 2637-8078
Volume1 Issue3


Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstructions are frequently performed in the United States of America. The medial hamstrings graft has been shown to produce lower rates of osteoarthritis (OA) than the patellar tendon graft. The goal of this study was to determine how altering medial hamstring strength during surgery affects soft tissue loading, and hence the joint’s proclivity towards OA. Muscle-actuated forward dynamic simulations of running were performed for normal muscle strength and decreased medial hamstring strength. The results show weakening the medial hamstrings caused an overall decrease in total hamstrings force by 7%, in total quadriceps force by 35%, and in cartilage contact force by 6%. This decreased force may be protective against long-term OA.

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