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Open Access Research in Anatomy

First Report of Hartertia Gallinarum in Domestic Pigeons (Columba Livia) in Iran

  • Open or Close Zainab Sadeghi Dehkordi*

    Departmet of Parasitology, Bu- Ali Sina Uiversity, Iran

    *Corresponding author: Zainab Sadeghi Dehkordi, Departmet of Parasitology, Faculty of Veteriary Science, Bu- Ali Sina Uiversity, Hamedan, Iran, Fax: 08114227475; Tel: 09132835171; Email:

Submission: February 26, 2018; Published: March 14, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/OARA.2018.01.000519

ISSN: 2577-1922
Volume1 Issue4


In September 2017, a 1 years old domestic pigeon (Columba domestica) was anatomized. Gastrointestinal tract of the bird was opened. During this study numerous nematodes were found. After fixation and morphological examination the two worms were identified as Hartertia gallinarum. The worms were observed and identified by light microscopy on the basis of features at the anterior and posterior parts of the worms. The worms were Hartertia gallinarum. In addition, our results showed that among 40 birds, 20 (50%) were infected with Haemoproteus columbae. All other helminth infection have been reported as follows: Raillietina achinobothridia (10%), Ascaridia colombae (12.5%), Ascaridia galli (82.5%). 3 different species of ectoparasites identified were Pseudolynchia canariensis (25%), Columbicola columbae (62.5%) and Menopon gallinae (15%). The present study is the first report on Hartertia gallinarum in domestic pigeons (Columba livia) in Iran.

Keywords: Columba livia; Hartertia gallinarum; Hamedan

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