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Modern Concepts & Developments in Agronomy

Critical Perspective on Climate Change Adaptation among Farmers in Developing Nations: Unpacking Divergent Approaches

  • Open or Close Chukwuma Ume*

    Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Nigeria, Nigeria

    *Corresponding author: Chukwuma Ume, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Nigeria, Nigeria, Email:

Submission: July 26, 2017; Published: December 07, 2017

Volume1 Issue1
December 2017


This paper seeks to explore and assess recent literature (2007-present) on climate change adaptation (CCA) among farmers in developing nations, to better understand the range of adaptation approaches prevalent in such nations. Unpacking what adaptation approaches exist in scholarly publications is relevant since scholarly ideas often shape policy directions and negotiations in climate-proof interventions. The study asks:

1) What are the different adaptation approaches authors employing in CCA studies among farmers in the developing nations?

2) What are the research methodologies prevalent in these climate adaptation studies to date?

3) What strengths and weaknesses can be unpacked in the different adaptation approaches.

Abbreviations: CCA: Climate Change Adaptation; IFATPC: International Food and Agricultural Trade Policy Council

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