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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Sarcopenia: A Bidirectional Pathway

  • Open or Close Daniela Patino Hernandez*

    Geriatric Medicine Unit, Ageing Institute. Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Bogotá, Colombia

    *Corresponding author: Daniela Patino-Hernandez, Geriatric Medicine Unit, Institute of Aging, Pontifical Xavierian University, Carrera 7 No. 40-62 - Hospital Universitario San Ignacio, piso 8. Facultad de Medicina. City: Bogotá D.C. Country: Colombia. Tel/fax: (00571) 3208320 ext. 2751. Email: patinohernandezd@gmail.com

Submission: September 28, 2017; Published: November 09, 2017

Volume1 Issue1
November 2017


Chronic diseases increase their prevalence as the population pyramid inverses [1], and respiratory diseases are among the most frequent conditions in elderly individuals [2]. For instance, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a multi factorial entity with a wide range of clinical manifestations, and a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide [3]. The pathophysiology of COPD is as wide as its clinical presentation. However, chronic inflammation is an essential component. Also, increased inflammation is associated with a higher rate of exacerbations and a faster decline in lung function [3], while systemic inflammation contributes to the extra-pulmonary manifestations of COPD.

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