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Segregation Analysis of Canine Hip Dysplasia in Cane Corso Italiano Dogs

Submission: January 01, 2018; Published: January 12, 2018

ISSN : 2576-9162
Volume2 Issue3


Segregation analysis of canine hip dysplasia (CHD) was studied for the first time in Cane Corso Italiano dogs. Data was obtained from 1813 dogs, using the Cane Corso Italiano Pedigree Database (www.canecorsopedigree.com).

Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) official guidelines were used for scoring the CHD. Offspring segregation of CHD from parental crosses containing combinations of parents’ CHD between CHD score A, B and C were analyzed. Results are summarized in Figure 2-7. Offspring segregation of crossing (male A x female B) was compared with the reciprocal crossing (male B x female A). Genes responsible for CHD are probably located on autosomes, therefore reciprocal crossing gave the same results.

Most (59.9 %) of CHD-A scored offspring arose from male CHD-A x female CHD-A crosses. 50.0 % CHD-A scored offspring arose from the male CHD-A x female CHD-B crosses, and 47.1% CHD-A scored offspring arose from the male CHD-A x female CHD-C crosses. Only 35.3% CHD-A scored offspring arose from the male CHD-B x female CHD-B crosses, and 16.7% CHD-A scored offspring arose from male CHD-C x female CHD-C crosses. Surprisingly, crosses between one parent CHD-A scored and second parent CHD-C scored enabled substantially more CHD-A scored offspring, compared to crosses of both parents CHD-B scored.

These results suggest that an optimal Cane Corso Italiano breeding programme for reducing CHD should employ crosses of males and females, both CHD-A scored. Cane Corso Italiano breeders should realize regularly crosses of both parents CHD-A scored, rarely crosses of one parent CHD-A scored and second CHD-B scored, exceptionally crosses of one parent CHD-A scored and second CHD-C scored. Responsible breeders should exclude any crosses of both parents worse than CHD-A scored. The main pedigreed breeding males should be only CHD-A scored.

Keywords: Canine hip dysplasia; Cane corso italiano; Breeding programme; Hip scores; Selective breeding

Abbreviations: CHD: Canine Hip Dysplasia; FCI: Federation Cynologique Internationale; OFA: Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals; EBV: Estimated Breeding Values

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